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San Diego Demolition Contractor and Junk Removal Services  //   CSLB #1101347   //   Available Seven Days a Week!

It’s Thursday, 3:13 pm

San Diego Demolition Contractor and Junk Removal Services
CSLB #1101347 // Available Seven Days a Week!

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Impact Environmental Company Profile

Impact Environmental Company Profile

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The Best Junk Removal and Demolition Contractor in San Diego

“We’ve used Impact Environmental for over six years on projects all over San Diego-from small debris removal projects to huge demo and hauling projects. We’d recommend them to anybody in a heartbeat. Their team is always quick, professional, and friendly-and they go above and beyond to make the experience great. “

Impact Environmental Company is an S-Corporation registered in San Diego, CA, specializing in comprehensive “hands-on” service-based removal and recycling for homes and businesses. The company’s goal is to provide an unparalleled customer experience while continually working to benefit the environment through recycling, reuse, and reducing the use of landfills.

The only way to reduce landfilled material is to produce less in the first place; virgin material that is not mined or manufactured never needs disposal. Therefore, recycling and repurposing of material is transformative in two ways: it lowers primary production and increases landfill diversion. These two connected effects have powerful environmental and economic benefits.

Every day the average San Diego County resident generates over five pounds of disposable goods, equating to one ton per person thrown out every year. Of the three million tons generated annually in San Diego, roughly half ends up in landfills. This volume peaked in 2005 and has continued to increase every year in the last decade. Despite ambitious goals by the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors and the City of San Diego’s “Zero Waste” plans to divert 80% of material from landfills by 2025, much of what is found in San Diego’s landfills today could still be recycled, composted, transformed, or reused.

Is there a direct economic benefit to diverting waste? Twenty-one years ago, the “Economic Impact of Waste Disposal and Diversion in California” was published by George Goldman and Aya Ogishi. Their report demonstrated the economic value of diversion versus traditional landfill disposal. Goldman and Ogishi agreed, “In California as a whole, the total economic benefits per ton from diversion are close to twice as much as the impacts from disposal.”

Why don’t San Diegans do a better job of diverting this material? Research shows that consumers think environmentally friendly disposal is inconvenient, time-consuming, and restricted. They’re right. Until recently these practices had been mired in slow standardization and outdated practices. Impact Environmental Company is on the cutting edge of a market transformation, part of an exciting, disruptive, and innovative turn away from traditional methods toward alternative waste solutions.

There are few companies––let alone ones who operate in the junk removal marketspace––who care as deeply about the customer experience and helping the environment as much as Impact Environmental Company. Forgoing industry standards in favor of “common sense solutions” has always been a core practice of the Impact model since the company was founded in 2016.

Therefore, the guiding questions that will drive the success of the business in coming years will revolve around two principles: “Can we do more to collect and process waste sustainably? And can we make this process easier and more accessible for the customer?” Today, the answer to each question is “Yes we can.

“Great from start to finish. Very communicative. Expectations were managed appropriately. The team showed up and took care of business. We had several loads of soil that had to be removed. They kept things clean and organized. Put down tarps to minimize the residual dirt and did a lot of work in a concise window. I will, without question, use their services again. Pricing was also competitive (we prefer to use properly licensed and insured contractors, and Gilbert was very forthcoming with that information). Highly recommended.”