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San Diego Appliances Removal

El Cajon Appliances Removal

microwaves, ovens, Clothes, TV, Dryers

  • Old appliances that need replacement will be properly disposed of and recycled when Impact is called.

  • Our team of experts is ready to remove everything you no longer need or want. This includes mattresses, electronics, any household item you can name.

  • While we remove your items and make sure to only touch what we’ll be taking away, we ask that you please disconnect and clean them up if possible before our professionals arrive.

When we arrive we’ll take a look at your items and provide you with an all-inclusive price. We only collect payment once you’re satisfied with the job. .

Since we recycle all metal at our facility these appliances will be used for the future and never go to the landfill; that means easier pricing for you, and less of an environmental impact.

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CSLB 1101347
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