It’s Thursday, 4:15 pm

San Diego Demolition Contractor and Junk Removal Services  //   CSLB #1101347   //   Available Seven Days a Week!

It’s Thursday, 4:15 pm

San Diego Demolition Contractor and Junk Removal Services
CSLB #1101347 // Available Seven Days a Week!

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Green Waste Removal

Green waste includes everything from leaves and grass clippings to dirt and tree branches. If waste is cluttering your yard (front, back, or side), contact Impact Environmental Company right away to have the industry professionals provide a quote to have it cleaned up and hauled away. Impact is not a landscaping company; instead, we are partnered with a list of recyclers who process green material instead of taking it to the landfill (this ensures your debris are handled in the most environmentally-proper fashion). If you are looking to have bedload material taken out—including retaining walls, cinder block, gravel, brick, soil, remodel debris, and more—give us a call to have us look at your project in person. We offer transparent, up-front pricing and can save hours of backbreaking labor of having to do the heavy lifting and loading yourself!

🛢️ Bedload Material Experts: Need more than just yard waste removed? We’ve got you covered there too. Whether it’s retaining walls, cinder blocks, gravel, brick, soil, or even remodel debris, our team is equipped to tackle it all. Let us assess your project in person, and we’ll provide you with transparent, up-front pricing.

💪 Say Goodbye to Backbreaking Labor: Don’t spend hours on the strenuous, time-consuming task of heavy lifting and loading yourself. Impact Environmental Company is here to take the load off your shoulders, leaving you with more time to enjoy your rejuvenated outdoor space.

Choose Impact Environmental Company for a greener, cleaner, and hassle-free yard. Our services will improve your home’s value! Contact us today and let’s make your green waste removal a breeze. Impact Environmental Company – Your partner in eco-friendly outdoor transformations! Call us today at 619-393-6265.