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We're local! Impact Environmental Company started life as Impact Junk Removal in 2016. Owner/operator Gilbert Tinoco was disheartened by the practices of a commercial competitor, and Impact began as a local alternative for junk removal emphasizing customer service, efficiency, safety, and practical recycling for all materials collected.

To this day, Impact is still locally owned and operated, still serves all of San Diego County (and beyond), has received recognition for their green practices (by partnering with organizations such as the Mattress Recycling Council), is committed to repurposing and recycling materials, and has earned the praise of thousands of happy customers. Impact Environmental Company is headquartered in El Cajon, California.

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We strive to provide the best possible service with the lowest possible cost. Sometimes that means we aren't the cheapest rate in town. Here's how we're different from our competition:

We aren't a commercial enterprise that's franchised nation-wide. We're local, and our entire team lives and commutes locally. To that end, we're influenced by the market right here in San Diego. When certain expenses change, like a competitive working wage or the price of gas, we're beholden to those forces.

We're also more than just your weekend warrior junk removal company down the street. We give first-rate service, from our site preparation practices to striving to make sure your space is cleaner than when we found it by the end of every job. We're also bonded, insured, and fully legitimate.

Finally, we sort out every pick-up we make at our own warehouse. All metal, wood, cardboard, mattresses and box springs are itemized, stored, and relocated on site so that they never go to the landfill. That kind of attention to detail adds a little bit of cost to the price of a pick-up but also makes a BIG difference to the planet.

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We really do our best. For over 60 easily identifiable items that we pick up, over 40 of them can be recycled or repurposed. That's over two-thirds! Plus, if items are retained in good condition, we can often find a second home for them via donation.

Mattresses and box springs get transported in a 53-foot semi-trailer via the "Bye Bye Mattress" recycling program. Wood, metal (both ferrous and non-ferrous), cardboard, green waste, clean dirt, concrete, brick and even carpeting are stored in containers until we can transport them to their respective facilities. 

In total, we do all the sorting, storing and transporting ourselves. You can rest easy that your items won't just be taken to the landfill with additional fees tacked on.

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We cannot transport paint, pool chemicals, biological waste, hazardous material, motor oil, flammable liquids, batteries, or fluorescent bulbs. Also, we will not accept any item with bed bugs. If you are unsure of an item, you can always contact us.

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We are a waste management company and cannot provide landscaping services outright; however, we do transport pre-treated green waste or yard debris and can also provide local connections to landscaping services should that need arise.

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We urge our customers to book as soon as they might know their availability, as this will hold their appointment reservation window. There is no penalty to change or cancel an appointment once it is scheduled.

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We calculate the total cost of your pick-up primarily by volume and/or mass of materials. Volume is the quantity of three-dimensional space occupied by an object, for example, the amount of space that a couch might take up. Mass is relative to the density and weight of a material, for example, the difference between a cubic yard of yard-waste versus a cubic yard of concrete.

Other factors, such as our insurance coverage, the labor of our team, the expertise required with proper training, the operational costs for our site and fleet of trucks, and the transportation time involved, all add value to our ability to operate quickly and safely to remove a variety of materials.

Cost transparency is important to us, and with every job you'll be able to see the amount of volume and mass your items take up in our truck prior to paying. It's one of the ways we ensure you're getting the best rate possible.

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There are a few ways we provide the best possible service with the lowest possible cost.

First, we operate with only a few trucks and a small team. There's no built-in overhead to maintain a large fleet or staff. Second, we use cost-effective practices whenever possible. In fact, recycling material at our own site actually saves money over paying other sanitation companies to process our collections. We also lower the price of a pick-up if the items can be brought next to the curb or into the driveway or alley. Third, as a small local business we are streamlined to keep our costs relative to what an average consumer can afford in San Diego.

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It can save you money if the items or material you need removed is placed next to the curb or brought out to the driveway or alley prior to our arrival. You can also save time and cost by bundling items by material: if cardboard, metal, or wood is sorted prior to our loading them, it makes it easier to recycle. Likewise, pricing for "sets" (a mattress, box spring, and bed frame for example) can save you money. We also provide a discount for military veterans.

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Unfortunately we are unable to provide moving services at this time. Due to insurance reasons, Impact cannot be responsible for the condition of items we retrieve for disposal, regardless of how close or how quick it might be to move them for you.

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We accept cash, credit card, personal check, Venmo transfer, or can send an invoice via email to be paid online.

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At this time we can only accept mattress and box spring drop-off at our location. Please do not bring any other materials to our site, we will not be able to accept them.

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