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Impact Environmental Company was founded as Impact Junk Removal in 2016. Owned and operated by Gilbert Tinoco, who was disheartened by the practices of a commercial competitor, Impact began as a local alternative for junk removal emphasizing customer service, efficiency, safety, and practical recycling for all materials collected.

To this day, Impact is still locally owned and operated, still serves all of San Diego County (and beyond), has received recognition for their green practices (by partnering with organizations such as the Mattress Recycling Council), is committed to repurposing and recycling materials, and has earned the praise of thousands of happy customers. Impact Environmental Company is headquartered in El Cajon, California, where sorting and storing of recyclable material takes place, and where more than two-thirds of everything collected stays out of the landfill.

"Now I am able to manage where items we pick up go to. Aside from helping keep San Diego as green as possible, we love to make our customers happy." - Gilbert Tinoco, Owner.

In 2021, Impact ECO recycled

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Our mission is to keep as much waste from ending up in landfills as possible, all while delivering five-star customer service.

The value of our services is in how you, the consumer, are able to organize your pick-up. Cost savings exist for curbside pick-up, or in how you bundle your items together. Bedroom, dining, or kitchen sets are often at a reduced price relative to items that are unsorted or on their own. Meanwhile, having us pick everything up is as simple as a call or a click away.
Any items that are in good, reusable condition will be donated locally to be used again after we retrieve them. We are community-minded and locally owned and operated. As members of the San Diego community ourselves, we always strive to place the needs of the community above our own.
We are committed to sorting out materials once we collect them. All wood, metal (both ferrous and non-ferrous), cardboard, mattresses, box springs, green waste, concrete, brick, stone, clean dirt and even carpeting are itemized and stored at our facility. From here they get transported to their respective local processing and shipping sites. We do this daily, and prevent more than 2/3 of what we collect from ever going to the landfill.
San Diego Demolition & Junk Hauling. A locally-owned company proudly serving individuals and businesses across Southern California.
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